So much has happened! by Asa Elinar

Time has gone by so fast since my debut single Paradise of Love in October last year. It's only been 4 months and so much has happened! I'm so grateful for all the support, shares and love I've gotten since I started releasing my music to the world. 

I got nominated in January in Icelandic music awards called Hlustendaverðlaunin for best new artist.
I didn't win, but this nomination meant the world to me! 
It gave me a knowing in my heart that I belong in Music and THAT was one of the precious moments in my life.  <3 

With this super late happy new years & update blog, I want to use the change to give thanks to all the amazing people that started this journey with me. To  all my amazing friends who contributed their acting, time and crazy amount of work, I LOVE YOU 

For last but certainly, not least I want to give special thanks to my amazingly talented ASA BAND Snorri Örn Arnarson bass player, Jóhann Magnús Ragnarsson keyboard player, Reynir Snær Magnússon and Bergur Einar Dagbjartsson. Together we produce the soundscape. 
Without these guy's, there would be no MAGIC in my music.

With all my love



My New Song Launch Was A Total Success! by Asa Elinar

I'm celebrating life right now!

Just one week after the launch of my debut single, Bylgjan and Rás 2 are playing my new song 'Paradise of Love'.

My video has received an overwhelming amout of views, likes and comments. My Facebook page is buzzing. I'm getting connections with great agents from Iceland who are interested in my art.

And I have only just begun.

Thank you for all the support! I couldn't be happier.

Tomorrow is the big day! by Asa Elinar

Finally, after all this time of getting started on my music journey, I'm releasing my debut single tomorrow.

Check out this teaser to get you excited for the day.

Lots of love,


It's launch week! by Asa Elinar


SO much effort, time, money, sweat, tears etc has gone into getting my dream of music off the ground.

And it's finally's launch week!

THIS Friday, after SO much anticipation - my first song 'Paradise of Love' will be launched.

And the hype is real. People are flocking to my Facebook which I'm so excited about. People are joining the Facebook event like crazy for the release of the news song.

I'd love to have you on the Facebook page for the release as well, and you can do so by clicking the link below:

I will be releasing my song AND my video at the same time, so double the greatness in one day.

We are already creating the next video for the follow up song. There's no stopping us now. 

But until then...let's prepare for this Friday!

Paradise of Love! It's coming!

First Photography Session For Debut Single Launch by Asa Elinar

It's exciting times here in the Ása Elinar house. 

I've just received some of the images back from my first photoshoot session for my Debut Song Release happening on the 07.10.2016.

I'm beyond excited for the release of the new song.

Only a few days away. My dream is coming true!

Thank you to Boston Bar for the great location and of course the photographer Sorelle Amore for her great efforts.

I hope you love the photos just as much as I do.